Mission Statement

Navigating through the "white water" conditions of constant challenge and change requires courage, confidence, and determination. Individuals develop these qualities by possessing a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and competencies. This expertise ensures a more successful and satisfying journey through our fast-paced, technology-driven, highly competitive millennium.

To analyze existing strengths and evaluate current developmental needs, Gae Walters conducts in-depth interviews, utilizes proven assessment tools, and incorporates current research to ensure highly customized learning experiences.

All training seminars can be tailored to the needs of a single individual, a diverse team or a large organization. They are all based on fundamental principles of human and organizational psychology and empower her clients to achieve personal, leadership and strategic goals.

Gae Walters and Millennium can be contacted at [email protected].

"An ability to embrace new ideas . routinely challenge old ones, and live with paradox are the premier traits of effective leaders." Tom Peters