Presentation Skills

An organization's credibility and image are on the line every time a company representative speaks to the public. Consequently, people must be able to seize public speaking opportunities and communicate company views clearly and effectively.

In addition to improving formal presentations, strong presentation skills also enhance performance in other communication situations. Individuals with effective presentation skills conduct better meetings, negotiate more equitable agreements, make more successful sales presentations, and interact more effectively with others.

This Presentation Skills course is an intensive training program designed to sharpen communication skills. During the seminar, participants learn how to give confident and credible presentations as well as how to handle question and answer sessions. Each participant gives several presentations during the seminar. Immediately after each presentation, the speaker receives feedback from the instructor as well as from others in the class. In addition, individuals benefit from having their presentations videotaped. This gives them the opportunity to see and hear themselves as others do, a powerful tool in helping presenters improve their skills.

During the program participants will:

  • Analyze the audience and tailor their presentation appropriately
  • Appear confident and credible, even in high pressure situations
  • Use strategies for organizing both informative and persuasive presentations
  • Develop and use effective visuals
  • Respond effectively to questions and comments

This program will enable participants to:

  • Demonstrate confidence and credibility
  • Motivate listeners
  • Capitalize on speaking opportunities to benefit the organization
  • Present ideas and recommendations in a variety of settings
  • Make effective and convincing presentations
  • Anticipate difficult questions and formulate appropriate responses before a presentation

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