Strategic Sales Skills

Why is it that one individual can present the best product or service at the most competitive price to someone that needs to buy it and still be unable to close the deal? Even more perplexing, what about the individual that does close the deal while offering a lesser product or service at a higher cost? Understanding why customers buy, how they want information presented to them, how they arrive at decisions, and how they communicate their views is vital to successful sales relationships.

Strategic Sales Skills delivers practical tools and strategies to develop the necessary sales and communications skills to help salespeople more effectively approach, influence, and motivate customers to buy.

In this course, salespeople receive a thorough analysis and written profile of their own personality type and selling style, learn how their personality determines the sales approach they typically use, develop the skills necessary to identify the personality types and preferences of their customers, and, most importantly, learn to "flex" their behavior to meet the needs of the customers with whom they are interacting and to get that sale!

During the program participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of their personality type and how it influences their approach to selling
  • Enhance their awareness of a customer's personality based on behavior cues and learn how those preferences affect customer buying decisions
  • Increase their range of communication and selling styles
  • Learn how and when to "flex" sales approaches to ensure success

This program will enable participants to:

  • Manage work teams and client relationships
  • Establish acceptance for ideas
  • Present a rationale for action
  • Influence outcomes

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"Don't sell me books, sell me knowledge. Don't sell me insurance, sell me peace of mind. Don't sell me things, sell me ideas, feelings and happiness." John Henry Patterson, founder National Cash Register