Strategic Team Retreats

Strategic Team Retreats are ideal for groups facing change, building or re-building teams, entering new markets, developing new approaches or simply needing an opportunity to reflect and refresh. To begin, a Ms. Walters works with the team leader on a one-on-one basis to design atmosphere, agenda and activities that will move the group toward a defined statement of goals and objectives. During the retreat, Ms. Walters facilitates interactive exercises used to promote group strengthening, problem solving and individual performance. Strategies are developed to increase cooperation among team members and to communicate team decisions throughout the organization.

The success of a Strategic Team Retreat depends on many factors including effective use of time, development of strong interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution and objective facilitation. Ms. Walters meets those needs and ensures a productive, results-oriented session.

Focus areas may include topics from the following courses:

  • Communicating With Results
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Even Eagles Need a Push
  • Leading Successful Change
  • Team Excellence
  • The Manager's Toolbox

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